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Making Friends with Shackleford Split Cassette (White /25, Red /25)

Making Friends with Shackleford
Split between 'Shackleford' Melodic punk, so catchy you will eat your own soul to get one more listen and 'Making Friends' 90's melodic skate punk, faster then the speed of light, full of the kind of sing-along jams that you will make your vocal cords bloody.

Preorder ends 1st July 2022 ( Godzillas Birthday )

Holy shit bags, two of the greatest bands this blue planet has to offer have joined forces to help defeat the evils of Godzilla. And King Kong.


A cannae combination of mind bullets, melodic Punk and skate punk radness.

Grab yourself a copy now.

Before these Gigantic monsters destroy our planet.

Limited to a maximum of 50 copies on
Blood from a fallen Kong (Red)
Full Moon reflecting from Godzillas Eye (White)

Compact Disc version available via the awesome INIIT Records

1. Making Friends - Die Trying
2. Making Friends - Ignore the Exit
3. Making Friends - We Aren't Making Friends
4. Shackleford - Fixing a Divot
5. Shackleford - Pendejo
6. Shackleford - You